Dr. Candice Lu
Post Doctoral Fellow

Supervised by Dr. Brittany Escuriex, Licensed Psychologist (TX #36767)

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50-60 minute Individual Counseling Sessions $150


Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare PPO Insurance


Born and raised in Texas as a child of immigrants, I carry a big place in my heart for those struggling with mental health and interpersonal concerns related to the complicated dance of honoring one’s heritage while developing what is authentic or true to them.


Just as I carry with me a distinct vantage point as a Chinese American woman, I relish the process of getting to know the unique lived experience of my clients as it may be shaped by their cultural identities and circumstances.


I continuously practice looking at the world around me through a feminist-multicultural lens that acknowledges the influence of systems, context, and our inherent need for connection. In the therapy space, this can involve noticing power and where it resides as well as embracing all facets of one’s identities.

Specializes in:​​​​

My Mission:
My insistent hope is to help my clients through unhelpful patterns, shame, and disconnection into increased understanding, healing, and connection with themselves and others. While co-creating safety and trust, I relish seeing the therapeutic relationship used to practice new ways of being.
My Journey:
Following graduation from NYU with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies, I worked as an anesthesia technician while taking pre-med classes and preparing for medical school—or so I thought. I followed a gut feeling toward the field of mental health and began my graduate training in counseling psychology. In 2019 I received a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology at Texas Woman’s University and then continued my studies at the doctoral level. I am currently a counseling psychology doctoral candidate at TWU.
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Self-Care Rituals:

Enjoying nature via a picnic, gardening, hiking, or napping in a hammock with my dog. I also enjoy jogging, tennis, and yoga to de-stress and feel into my body.

Work with Candice


Empowered Healing Dallas is seeking fully licensed therapists for Independent Contractor positions. Applicants need to be committed to anti-racism and providing inclusive & supportive care to all clients. Folx who are interested should be able to self-reflect, be open to learning and growing, and interested in working collaboratively with a team of like-minded therapist peers. Those interested in building a full-time case load (roughly 20 sessions a week), niching their services, and/or are willing to accept insurance are encouraged to apply. References for EHD are available upon application.


Interested in working with Empowered Healing Dallas? Email your cover letter and resume to



Empowered Healing Dallas offers a comprehensive Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Private Practice for therapists with a Ph.D or Psy.D in Clinical or Counseling.


A post-doctoral fellowship at EHD includes:

  • 2 hours of weekly supervision & training
  • Weekly group consultation
  • Overhead expenses covered
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Access to private pay & insurance (BCBS & United) referral networks
  • Flexibility to hone specific interests
  • Minimum salary guaranteed as you build your caseload
  • Exposure to marketing and social media practices for networking & client referral
  • Learn how to get paneled with & bill insurance companies
  • Ability to see clients in person & via teletherapy across Texas
  • Ability to see individuals, couples, and groups
  • Specialized support in working with: Couples/Intimate Partnerships, Complex Trauma, People of Size, Gender-Affirming Care, LGBTQ+, Mind-Body & Somatic Interventions, Highly Sensitive People
  • Potential to supervise advanced fieldwork student


Candidate Requirements

  • Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Clinical or Counseling Psychology
  • Completion of an APA-accredited internship
  • Commitment to anti-racism and providing inclusive & supportive care to all clients
  • Ability to self-reflect
  • Openness to learning and growing
  • Ability to work closely and collaboratively with a team and supervisors

Sound like a fit?
Click here to email us. Please include your resume along with a cover letter and a minimum of one professional reference.